Friday, October 7, 2011

How I Approach Sharing the Gospel

I understand the phrase "missionary work" when it comes to describing what full-time missionaries do - since there is much of it that absolutely can and should be classified as "work". However, for regular members, I much prefer the phrase "sharing the Gospel" - since I really don't see it as "work" in any classic sense of that word.

I share the Gospel with others, but it comes now more from a foundation of sharing what brings me joy and seeing what sticks than from expectation of conversion. I don't "hunt" or "fish with a line" anymore (meaning I don't try to identify an individual target and bring it down or reel it in); rather, now I fish with a net - or "chum" - or cast my bread upon the waters (meaning I toss my beliefs on the water and see which fish find it delicious to the taste). I don't try to "hook" anyone anymore; I simply set the table, spread the food and see who is drawn to partake. I don't condemn those who choose to refrain; I just keep repeating the process over and over and over again. I speak what I perceive to be "my truth" - what has brought me peace and joy, but I do so in full respect of the limitations and/or perspectives of those with whom I am speaking.

I'm not working; I'm sharing. The difference is important to me.

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Anonymous said...

Delightful,Ray.This approach allows us to build long term relationships,not everyone joins the church in six months,and we have to live amongst our friends and neighbours over time.much of the behaviour promoted by the church in relationship to missionary efforts has been social suicide and has done the church a great deal of harm in the long term.Hopefully this approach-the long game,will do more to bring the church out of b.