Saturday, May 28, 2011

To Walk the Path that Opens Before Me

As I come to the end of this month's New Year's Resolution to be more humble and less proud, I want to wrap it up with a short commentary that will be a bit more vague than normal - but as personal as pretty much anything I write.  It deals with my life right now and something I have understood through experiences previously but am relearning now.

There have been times in my life when cirucumstances have combined to make me prouder of myself than I should have been - not in the proper way that Pres. Uchtdorf highlighted recently, but in the uncharitable way that is the focus of so many scriptural verses.  Generally speaking, my own life has followed the classic scriptural cycle associated with pride: Periods of pride, followed by forced humility.  There are elements of my life currently that represent that cycle - and it has come into stark relief as I have focused on how to conclude my resolution this month. 

Therefore, as a result of this introspection, I have only one commitment that has come at the close of this month:

No matter what the Lord has in store for me in the future - whether it is what I naturally want or not, I will accept it and do the best I can to make the most I can of it.  I will do my best to forge the path I desire, but I will accept and walk any path that I feel is being directed by God. 


s said...

After many similar frustrating experiences, I have come to the point of asking myself, "what am I supposed to learn from this experience?"

I believe that our life is filled with lessons to be learned. How we react to these lessons can either add to or take away from our ability to learn and grow.

A while ago, I wrote blog entry that may be applicable

We have the ability to control our response to stimulus. I think this is the same idea that you have expressed in this entry.

Papa D said...

I agree - with the caveat that there are some things that really do lie outside our control. Some things constitute the "thorns of our flesh" that might not be conquered fully in this life. However, especially in our modern day and age, I am grateful that we are not bound by as many of our natural man tendencies as people used to be.

I am dashing out for a while, but I will read your post when I can.

Matthew said...

I find it interesting how often we are led down paths (if we are willing to listen) that we had not intended to follow, and we discover them to be full of joy and richness. Such has been my experience, anyway.

Papa D said...

I have had the same experience, Matthew. I have been led down paths I would not have chosen multiple times, and, looking back, I have realized that they were MUCH richer than the ones I would have chosen on my own.