Friday, May 20, 2011

My Faith Must Be My Own - or I am Left to be Acted Upon

My baseline stance has been and ever will be that I can construct a sound argument both for and against almost anything. (That's the whole point of debate, btw - to force people to construct sound arguments for BOTH sides of an issue.) Therefore, it is up to me to weigh both the evidence AND the implications and construct whatever argument rings truest for me - whichever argument resonates with my own soul. I can't palm that off on anyone else, and I can't blame anyone else if I am unhappy with the result.

I can act (construct my own personal view) or be acted upon (allow someone else's view to be mine). If I don't do it myself, however, I will be tossed to and fro - since I probably will encounter an even more articulate argument than my current one - then a more articulate argument than that one - then a more articulate argument than that one - ad infinitum. Until I build my own, personal faith (or, more accurately, take responsibility for my own, personal faith), I am at the mercy of others - a puppet on strings that can change hands at a moment's notice. I literally am not my own master - and, therefore, I can't turn control of my life over to the One whom I believe is qualified to be my Master.

I believe what I believe and see things the way I see things for one, simple reason: I have chosen and continue to choose to do so. I looked at the end result of all the options I could envision and chose the one that resonated the most with my own soul. I tweak the details constantly as I am exposed to others' perspectives that enlighten my own, but the core foundation doesn't change - since I built it carefully and consciously and intentionally. It belongs to me; it's what I "know" for myself; it's mine.

I live spiritually where I choose to live
- and I love my house.

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Anonymous said...

That absolutely resonates with me. Thank you.