Monday, May 30, 2011

I have come to believe that God "heals" more often than He "cures".

My second son received an interesting baby blessing. He was born 19 days early, but there were no apparent issues with his health. He left the hospital in a normal time frame, and nobody was concerned at all for him. 

In his blessing, he was told that none of the physical trials that he would experience in life would have the power to derail him from the mission Heavenly Father had appointed to him. It surprised me when I said it, and it surprised my wife enough that she wrote it in her journal.

Fast forward 20 years:

This son has severe allergies; none of our other five do. This son's appendix burst (after leaking for about a week) when he was 11 - almost killing him. Five years ago, he was diagnosed with Type I diabetes, the only person in my extended family of whom I'm aware with that particular condition. Our kids and their friends have a mock bet about which organ will fail next.

My point? This kid has incredibly strong faith. It really is amazing to see. Especially because of his baby blessing (and subsequent blessings as he has been sick), he knows God knows of him personally, and his faith in other things is very strong. However, neither his appendix nor his pancreas was "cured".

Due to this and other experiences, I tend to look at the word "heal" and see all its possible meanings. Here is a typical list:

1. To restore to health or soundness; cure.
2. To set right; repair: "healed the rift between us".
3. To restore (a person) to spiritual wholeness.
v. (to be healed) To become whole and sound; return to health.

The definition most people think of when they read "healed" is "cured". The one I choose to accept in this context is "be made whole". My son isn't "whole" physically, but he is about as "whole" in the greater sense as it is possible to be at his age - and I attribute that largely to the strength and nature of his faith - aided by the recollection of God's love for him that was proven through the spoken blessings he has received in his life.

I have come to believe that God reaches down and takes an active hand in "curing" us more often than many believe, but I also have come to believe that He "heals" more often than He "cures".


Dallas, Dad, Big D & I said...

I really appreciate your post today which I came to through your comment on another blog. Thanks for sharing about your son. It reminded me of a similar situation with a blessing I gave my youngest. It wasn't evident for a good many years what it was referring to and my wife would bring it up from time to time when something medical came up wondering if that was what was referenced in the blessing. Its nice to the Lord works with others in similar ways.

Papa D said...

It is nice to know. Thanks for coming over and reading.