Friday, May 7, 2010

Sometimes Gray Is Just a Different Black-and-White

Some people simply don't care about religious details. They don't care whether or not religious history is pristine or messy; they don't care about trying to figure out if something a prophet said is the word of God or personal opinion; they don't care about lots of things that drive more analytically-minded people bonkers. They really just don't care. Many of them see things in black-and-white, and many others just don't care about shades of gray.

It’s VERY easy for those of us who care about historical detail and nuance and every issue to attempt to impose our own expectations and perspectives on others who see things differently or just don’t care like we do - to juxtapose a different black and white in the name of seeing gray. If we insist that ALL need to see the gray, that really is just another black and white viewpoint.

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Patty said...

Don't we do this in a lot of other areas in our lives also? We often have our own perspective and find it hard to understand, relate to, and especially accept someone's else's. We want everyone to think the way we do but don't want to have to change the way we think to adapt to them. I guess it's human nature that we try to keep things black and white. What we know and/or understand versus "everything else." Probably has to do with our extreme dislike of change (who wants to have to confront the idea that what they thought was right may not be... and then have to change because of it? Far easier to hold fast to our own version of right.)