Saturday, May 22, 2010

No Resolution Post Today: A Tribute to My Daughter

Normally, this post would be focused obviously on my New Year's Resolution this month, discussing the idea that "charity seeketh not her own". (1 Corinthians 13:5) However, my oldest daughter graduated from high school last night, and I am in a fatherly mood right now. Therefore, I am going to mention here how much I have learned about the focus of my resolution this month from my daughter.

One of my favorite scriptual verses is 1 John 4:19, which reads:

We love him, because he first loved us.

This could have been written about Sarah. People accept and love her, because she accepts and loves them. Her heart is open to anyone, and she tries hard to do good even to those who do not love her - since I am not aware of anyone who has met her in person and hates her.

I have watched her interact with people, and despite those times when impatience and emotional mood swings cause her to do and say things she regrets (especially to her younger sisters), I never have seen her act in a hateful way toward anyone. This is not strictly because it is totally natural for her; rather, it is a tendency on which she has focused conscious attention to strengthen. She actively tries to not be hateful, and it is inspiring to see.

I also have seen her consciously include in her life people whom others do not accept, and she does it without condemning those who do not accept. She is one of those people who can have friends from very different exclusive groups. She doesn't like everyone, but she strives to see and love everyone as a fellow child of God - and I am grateful for her example in my life.

I am proud of you, Sarah, and, while I am excited for you to leave home, start college and establish yourself as an independent adult, I will miss the daily lessons you teach me about courage, dedication, humility, sincerity, faithfulness and love.


SimplyMe said...

Congradulations to your daughter! What an exciting time for her, you and your family. She sounds like a genuinely kind and friendly person who many will be blessed to know as she ventures out. If I can I'd like to put some of the lime light onto PapaD. A father's transparency in demonstrating love and the ability to compliment, praise, and adore his child is a gift to that child, never to be underestimated. Genuine kudos to you and to MamaD!!

Mama D said...

Aw, SimplyMe, I did so well last night not crying a river, and now you have me all teary-eyed! Thanks for the compliment.

Our children are amazing, and it's inspiring to see them succeed in their choice of endeavors. This week the limelight is Sarah's!

Matthew said...

Also from me, congratulations to your daughter. It would appear that she is well on her way to becoming all the things encapsulated in 1 Cor 13:4.

Stephen said...

My oldest at college is like that. It is definitely something precious in daughters when they find that place.