Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Tribute: To ALL Who Serve As the Cannon Fodder of War

My resolution this month is to "seek less my own" - taken from 1 Corinthians 13:5. Three weeks ago, I quoted John 15:13 to talk about the practical application of how Jesus literally laid down his life to pursue his ministry (, and at the beginning of this month I wrote a similar post about my father and how he set aside his own life, changed courses and began an entirely new life in order to make sure my mother could live the type of life she needed in order to be funcational and happy. (

Next Monday is Memorial Day, so today I want to write a very simple tribute to those who volunteer to protect our and others' lives and freedom and, in doing so, put their lives on the line and risk "laying down their lives" both figuratively and literally. I don't like war; in fact, I hate it. However, unfortunately, it sometimes is a necessary evil in our fallen world, and I honor those who choose to engage whenever they believe it is necessary - especially the regular men and women who carry the casualities of war. I also honor the men and women who serve as police - those who protect us in ways as real as the soldiers who fight traditional wars.

Also, in the spirit of Matthew 5:44, this is dedicated to ALL who fight and die **in combat** for what they believe to be right - not just to those who fight for me or for causes in which I believe. Even if I cannot honor their cause, I can honor their sincerity. Their wives, children, parents and friends mourn no less than my family would - and they are children of God, just as much as you and I.

I am not eloquent or creative enough to write anything unique as a tribute, but music moves me deeply - so I am linking here to some videos I love that pay tribute to those who serve as the cannon fodder of war.

If You're Reading This


I Will Remember You

When You Come Back to Me Again

Here Without You

Truly, if "greater love hath no (wo)man than this, that a (wo)man lay down her/his life for her/his friends", there is a special place in heaven for those who live and die in the defense of others. May God bless you and yours, and may you feel and know of our appreciation, respect and love.


Matthew said...

Amen to this.

Unknown said...


Doesn't matter how you feel about politics... these men and women deserve the best of our appreciation and our respect... unfortunately a lot of vets get left in the cold after they get back here.

Anonymous said...

Are vets ever properly honored when they come home, and what would constitute a proper honor anyway? The G.I. bill was probably the best national honor I can think of. Sometimes I think the best way to honor our military would be to not send them off on stupid adventures in the first place. Vietnam did not threaten our nation; neither did Iraq. I guess more than anything else I wish we could honor our veterans by having all those who did not serve but who want other men's sons (and daughters) to do so, just please shut up and mind their own business.