Monday, September 7, 2009

Mormonism Is Not Fundamentalist Evangelism

I can’t explain adequately in this type of forum how uncomfortable I am that Mormonism has become linked in some people’s eyes with the fundamentalist evangelical movement. If I were to post a thread about the theological implications of the Reformation creeds, and how the slippery slope has led to fundamentalist evangelism, it would be hard to do so without sounding over-the-top confrontational and alarmist. (It is the same for hardcore Calvinism, frankly.)

Let me just say that such an examination needs to be accomplished within the context of the War in Heaven to be understood fully.


Dox said...

I would love to read such a post.

Richard Alger said...

Our link to the Christian Evangelism may have been made by a casual observer. We do share zeal with Evangelicals in social issues such as chastity and temperance.