Friday, September 18, 2009

Feeling the Scriptures

I want my children to understand our scriptures intellectually, but I am more concerned that they feel their power and recognize their source. I like the individual focus of scriptural understanding in the Church - the lack of formal, official interpretation - the fluidity inherent in our "as far as it is translated correctly" mentality. I love to learn from many in the Bloggernacle, but I also love that, in the end, I can't cede my understanding to them - that it is left to me to construct my own, unique perspective.

In the end, I am responsible for my own understanding and feeling regarding the scriptures.


adamf said...

I like that as well... it is almost a humanistic/existential take on the scriptures. We all have to discover them for ourselves, in our own way. We have to use our reasoning abilities without letting the intellect OR the emotions solely dominate.

Anonymous said...

We often include in our scripture reading as a family questions such as -so how does that sound to you?Does that feel right? Why do you think this seems good?What are the consequences of looking at things in this way?None of us are gospel scholars or likely to have the opportunity to be so,but we want our kids to register the good feelings that can get lost in the hurly burly of life.Time to stop, think, reflect and register the effects of truth on our souls.