Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Knowledge Should Not Be Over-emphasized: To Others It Is Given to Believe

“To some it is given by the Holy Ghost to know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that he was crucified for the sins of the world. To others it is given to believe on their words, that they also might have eternal life if they continue faithful.” (D&C 46: 13-14)

If some have to "believe" something as fundamental as that Jesus is the Son of God, then it seems logical to assert that even more are going to have to believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet - and myriad other uniquely Mormon teachings.

I have no problem with saying, "I know” about a lot of things - but there also are things that I still believe without yet knowing. I would love to hear more people stand in front of the congregation and say, “I believe . . .”- or even, "I want to believe . . ."


Last Lemming said...

I'm glad somebody feels that way. But I must say that I feel little inclination to get up and call attention to the inferiority of my testimony.

Paul said...

Oh, I could stand up and say "I know", but the things I "know" would probably get me kicked out of the building.

Julie said...

I don't think I have uttered the words "I know" in a testimony since I was in primary/young women's. I usually say "I believe" or "I feel" or even "I hope". I bear my testimony quite a bit more than the average person in my ward and I guess I never felt I was "inferior" in my testimony. I just felt that I was sharing my true self and was being authentic. I find that I am one of those who needs to "mind the gap" between believing that she is a daughter of God and knowing that she is. It is a struggle that I continue to work on and have shared openly with my ward family. I hope this has helped others feel like they are "okay" where they are as well. I would much rather hear someone say...I struggle with this or that...then to "fake it" and feel pressured to profess "knowledge" where none exists.

JimD said...

I don't go to testimony meeting to reinforce my belief that brother so-and-so "believes" or "knows" anything. I go to testimony meeting to reinforce my belief that Jesus is the Christ, that we find healing through Him, and that He has a prophet on the earth today.

I'm not particularly picky as to whether such assertions are rooted in "knowledge" or in (as lawyers say) "information and belief". Both are helpful, so long as they are confirmed to me by the Holy Spirit.

Jared said...


If the Lord doesn't give some "to know", how are others going to believe.

Are you suggesting that one who knows should cover his/her knowledge with a bushel?

In my opinion, it is just as disingenuous for one who knows to say he believes, as it is for one who believes to say he knows.

Papa D said...

I understand that perspective, Last Lemming, but if nobody who believes shares everyone else who believes will think they are alone.

Paul, love ya', man!

Julie, honesty and authenticity is exactly what I want - an atmosphere where people can express belief and know that belief might be enough for them.

Well said, JimD. That is what the core is all about. I believe both knowledge AND belief can be strengthened by sharing testimonies, but I believe that strength can come from sincere expressions of BOTH knoweldge and belief.

Jared, 1) They won't - which is why some are given to know. 2) Never said that; never will. Those who know should say so, as I do regularly about lots of things. There still are some things, however, that I just don't understand fully - that I believe but can't say I know. I have no problem saying so, even as I say I know other things. I wish more members realized it's OK to have some things (or even all things) that fall under belief and not knowledge. After all, our scriptures give foundational value to faith - the substance of things hoped for and not seen - not "known". 3) I agree, and I've never said otherwise.

Jared said...

Thanks Ray :D