Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanks for Everything!

I really dislike almost all awards shows, where people get up to thank everyone and their dog for the award. I view these shows almost universally as lavish manifestations of narcissism and ego. Really, what makes one performance better than another at that level? Nothing. Period. End of story. End of rant.

Having said that:

Thank you to everyone for everything. I am blessed in so many ways that there is no way I could come close to enumerating them here - so I won't try. However, I will try to think of and recognize them throughout the day today - and on an on-going basis thereafter.

So, again, thank you to everyone for everything.


Mama D said...

And thank YOU for everything!!

Papa D said...

Careful, babe. This is a Mormon blog. *grin*

Unknown said...

Happy thanksgiving. :)

Stephen said...

And let me add, thanks for your posts and thoughts.

Sam said...

Weird comment, but I may as well leave it here: thanks for blogging.

I'm a recent convert (8/2007) and my particular highly-gnostic bent leaves me with questions all the time.

This, of course, drew me to the bloggernacle like a fly to a heat lamp.

Your comments on others' blogs are always thoughtful, usually insightful, always kind, measured, and loving, and spoken out of the years of experience in the church that I don't have. Often, they've explained or calmed me down or at the least reassured me that you can be happy, faith-filled, and disagree.

Though I've never met you in person or to my memory responded to a comment of your, I'd invite your whole family over to our apartment for dinner in a heartbeat. (in the Bay Area if you're ever around and looking for a friendly place...)

I'll be leaving on a mission in about six weeks (India-Bangalore; I'm half-Indian). But I wanted to give you a hearty thanks.

calcsam #at# gmail

Papa D said...

Thank you, everyone. I hate to specify one, but I really appreciate your comment, Sam. I wish I could explain how much I appreciate it, but I certainly will pray for you on your mission.

Go with God.