Friday, November 14, 2008

Being a Pioneer: A Wonderful Sacrament Meeting Talk

Paradox is Finished - Paradox (Enduring to the End)


Mama D said...

Amazing. Paradox has a wonderful way with words!

Anonymous said...

A wonderful piece of work,deeply sustaining.I particularly loved the quote from SWK,and feel that had I read it before his death I would have been prepared to follow him into a volcano.I have often wondered if my own process of agonising over stuff was fruitful or just self indulgence,this helps me to know that my process is not as far off beam as I sometimes fear and so increases my spiritual confidence.My faith in prophets of God has been strengthened by it,and I will share it with friends and family.I guess that leaves me wondering about attribution-anyone know where it's from?

Papa D said...

The full Pres. Kimball quote is from a biography:

(Edward L. Kimball and Andrew E. Kimball, Jr.; "Spencer W. Kimball," Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, Inc., 1977, pp. 192–95.)

The excerpt in Paradox's talk can be found in a talk by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland given at BYU while he was the BYU President and excerpted in the Ensign:

(Jeffrey R. Holland, “The Inconvenient Messiah,” Ensign, Feb 1984, p. 68 -- From a talk given at a BYU Devotional, 2 February 1982)

Anonymous said...

Thankyou papa D,I'm so impressed.Such gospel scholarship is what I've been seeking since my youth but had no access to up until discovering the bloggernacle.