Thursday, July 24, 2008

Understanding Eternity

It is enough for me to try and understand the paradoxes of this present life - and the progress I hope to make in it. The future worlds are beyond my comprehension, except in the most general way, so I spend very little time worrying about them.

Of course, my vision of the eternities fuels my faith, but the vast majority of my energy is spent working on the here and now. I believe God will take care of the there and then.


adamf said...

This is a nice reminder. I often spend too much time pondering the past and the future (esp. in an eternal sense) and forget to be mindful of the present.

Ray, you could make a sequel (perhaps an e-book, lol) to "Stand A Little Taller" with these daily gems. :)

Jami said...

I think your summary pretty much covers it. "God will take care of the there and then." I've got a pretty good idea what the major tasks of this life are, being kind, forgiving, learning, loving, obeying. I've got plenty to do mastering just those basics. I don't know enough about the eternities (past or future) to come up with any satisfying answers to my pressing questions. I can only pointlessly fret. Better to concentrate on what I can do.

Tasha said...

can i use this quote? do i need to pay a copyright fee?

Papa D said...

adam, one of the most fascinating quotes I have heard is, "Time is measured only unto man." Worth considering, methinks.

jami, I really like the way you phrased it. "Better to concentrate on what I can do." That's nice!

tasha, My wife wouldn't appreciate me charging you to use it, so go ahead - but you have our address, and contributions will not be returned to the sender. *grin*

Patty said...

Whenever I need a dose of humility I start to ponder and try to understand the scope of eternity... it boggles my mind and makes me feel like I'm an infant when it comes to knowledge and learning. It's a great reminder to rely on God because our own understanding is so very limited.