Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Approach for This Blog

A friend of mine whom I admire greatly suggested I post shorter messages daily - rather than the journal approach I have been taking. She said that such an approach would be easier for readers, as it would not take so much time and effort to read and understand the lengthy posts I tend to write.

I have considered her advice and decided to craft a bit of a compromise. I don't have time each day to try to think of unique things to post daily, so, at the risk of being narcissistic, I have decided to post something each day or two that I have written as a comment elsewhere and open it up for comment here. Then, each weekend, I will add the type of longer "essay" I have been writing regularly. The first shorter post will appear tomorrow.

I have no grandiose vision of having hundreds (or even dozens) of readers for this blog, since I am not prone to do what it takes to publicize it widely, but I hope this is an inspired decision -that it will help someone, somehow.


adamf said...

Shorter posts are always nice... I wish I could say I write short posts for my audience, but it's usually because I don't have that much interesting stuff to say , lol.

Daily is not necessary though, but I will gladly take whatever you can give!

Tasha said...

Ray I like it as is. It's like having you in the living room for one of our late night chats! If you post smaller more often I guess it would be like more chats more often???
Love ya!

Jami said...

Just when I started to get good at predicting Ray posts. I'll start checking in a little more often.