Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lessons from the Perfect Life

Our goal is to become Christ-like - or to become perfect (complete and whole) as He and Heavenly Father are. I read the Gospels and the BofM, and I don't get much "theologizing" from Him; I get examples of service and love - interspersed with challenges to love and serve. ("Come unto me," "Inasmuch as ye have," "As I have loved you," "Mourn with those who mourn," "Comfort those," "Do unto others," etc.)

When we are baptized we promise to take His name upon us and always remember Him. In essence, we promise to be Christ to those around us - to do for them in this realm what He would do for them if He were still here - to do for them physically and emotionally here what he does for them spiritually and emotionally in prayer. I find it instructive that we never covenant to preach to each other in any of the saving ordinances; each and every one of them focuses on what we promise to DO - what we commit to become.

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