Friday, January 2, 2015

Service for the Sake of Service: We Serve Conditionally Too Often

I believe that being born again is all about being a child of God and Christ in a very personal way - and I think that happens fully when we maintain communal allegiance, support and service but find our own faith, understanding and vision within that community. We then turn around and help others find their own faith, understanding and vision and accomplish their own desires - even when they differ slightly or significantly from ours, both within and without our central religious community. It's serving simply for the sake of helping in whatever way is possible, not with an ultimate agenda in mind - other than that person's joy and peace. At the most fundamental level, it's not about baptism, church attendance or any other conditional motivation; it's being born into Jesus' ministry in some real way and helping simply to help. 

I know how unorthodox that is in the minds of some members, but it absolutely is in line with a lot of things that are taught in General Conference, for example. Elder Wirthlin, Pres. Uchtdorf, Pres.Monson and others often talked and continue to talk about service just for service's sake. Yes, we have responsibilities to our religious community and "tribe" - but we also have this over-arching theology that teaches us we are part of a global, eternal, universal religious community and family. With that foundation, our ultimate responsibility is to everyone, not the small subset who are or might become members of our Church.

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