Saturday, January 21, 2012

God is Good - and Life Is a Fascinating Roller Coaster

I am not writing my regular New Year's Resolution post tonight.  I have been contemplating the topic I intended to address all week, but my life just took a sudden and dramatic turn - and I am going to be scrambling for the next few weeks to get everything in order.  Thus, while I will continue to write my regular weekday posts and, hopefully, my New Year's Resolution posts as frequently as possible, I might end up being a bit sporadic with those weekend posts for a little while. 

I will share more details soon, but, for now, it will have to suffice to say simply that God is good, mindful of our existence and aware of the overall paths of our lives.  I am blessed - far more than I deserve (and I mean that seriously), and, in the general spirit of contemplating God for my New Year's Resolution, I simply will acknowledge my faith in his love and grace as my life takes this particular turn. 


Ellen said...

Our prayers are with you as you accommodate change, Ray. Hope all goes smoothly!


sb said...

Ahhhh life!! Always changing at unexpected times. I hope you will be able know and do the things that must be done. You give so much to so many.

Matthew said...

Dramatic for the good, I hope!

Your thoughts are always welcome, whenever they come.

Anonymous said...

God be with you till we meet again,and hope it's soon.

Gwennaëlle said...

I needed to come here to tell you ab out something that you might enjoy. Now I am curious and will come back more often to read from you hoping that everything is ok.
Anyway I wanted to tell you that I used you in an "almost" talk I gave on Sunday 1st. I told about your new year resolution. Well yesterday a friend of mine, who's got two little girls who are 2 and a half years old and just a year old told, me that your new years resolution has inspired something to her and her husband too.
So they decided to teach their 2 1/2 years old daughter an article of faith each month by repeating it often. They decided that since the two first are so short those two would be all in January and the rest will follow logically.
Well thanks to you their 2 and half years old daughter already knows her first two article of faith. she gets irritated if it is her mother who says it and want to do it by herself.

She also blesses wonderfully the sacrament....Her father is going to be so proud of her when she turns 12!

Of course my favorite part is when her mother tells me that she often calls me on her toy phone but I am sure that you can't like it as much as I do :P

Papa D said...

Thank you, eveyone. I really appreciate your comments.

Ellen, I hope so too. We've been through this more than once in our lives (my wife and I). I know it will be OK, but there are bound to be some bumpy moments.

sb, I'm not sure you can know how much your last sentence means to me.

Matthew, yes, it is for the good. Definitely an answer to prayers.

Anonymous, I've made sure the daily posts and links will continue until things get settled back into a normal routine.

Gwen, your comment made my day - in more ways than one.