Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Marriage: Equal Partners

The Proclamation to the World says that there are “primary” roles for men and women, but that men and women are “obligated” to help one another in these roles as “equal partners”. That seems to mean that, although primary roles exist, they are not to define exclusively what we do and “separate” us; rather, we are to unite and work together across the natural distinctions of gender to become equal partners. It seems to say that the most important thing is not the primary distinctions but rather the obligation to erase those distinctions in practical terms by creating a unique and real partnership.


Mama D said...

Thanks for doing so much to help us create "a unique and real partnership." Love you eternally!

Anonymous said...

That's a different reading to any I've seen defined before and very heartening.As a feminist mormon housewife,long before my time,it's been a lonely road,although i find many sisters on it who would not self define in those terms.the only problem with that is it then becomes very difficult for them to articulate these things within relationships framed in patriarchal terms.
This is a very neatly framed proposition.I'll have to try it in RS and see how it goes down.

Patty said...

I love the way you've stated this. I wish more men and women understood what a real partnership is and how we can work together within our own roles to accomplish shared goals.
And boy, do I wish I could be in Anonymous' RS class when she brings this up! That would make for some interesting discussion!