Friday, June 20, 2008

A Chapel Entrance Plaque

I was in Middletown yesterday and had a chance to be in the church there. On the wall directly above the entrance to the chapel, there is a small plaque. It says:

"Peace - Be Still."


Mama D said...

Peace - Be Still

I need that on the fridge and the mirror and the steering wheel and...

Thanks for linking the song and for the reminder to find moments of stillness in my life, to allow the Spirit to help me make it through life's challenges.

Rob & Crys said...

I know that is something I need to do more often is to be still. I do not clear my mind and just soak in the Lords goodness enough.

adam said...

That is actually my favorite line from all of scripture, *I think*. Such great imagery and symbolism.

It's neat how it relates to other ideas as well, such as mindfulness and meditation.