Thursday, June 4, 2015

"Un-Christian" Too Often Is a Cover for Prejudice and Ignorance

A simple but important word of caution: 

We need to be extremely hesitant to label someone as un-Christian based on disagreements over opinions, beliefs and even, in some cases, actions. We, as Mormons, are called un-Christian by lots of people for those exact reasons.  Such a charge too often is a cover for prejudice and ignorance, whether it is leveled against or by us.

Also, just as importantly, there is a HUGE difference between being un-Christian and non-Christian - and, while we generally understand that difference when we think about it, we tend to be more charitable toward those who are non-Christian in regard to whether or not we see them as un-Christian - since our expectations of them are lower in that regard.  

Every one of us, inside and outside the LDS Church, is un-Christian by individual definition in someone's eyes - no exceptions.

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