Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Is Having a Church Calling a Divine Commandment?

I don't see having and magnifying a church calling as a divine commandment, in and of itself, but I do believe it is a commandment to be involved in helping others - and helping staff and run the Church can be a way to do that for lots and lots of people. Therefore, I believe serving in the Church can be a way to fulfill a divine command. 

I don't think anyone who doesn't serve in some way in a church organization is "breaking the commandments" - but I do think anyone who doesn't get involved in some organization dedicated to helping others (or doesn't do that personally, outside an organization) is ignoring the two great commandments in a real way.


larryco_ said...

Many people have covenanted to give their time, talents and the things that the Lord has blessed them with to building up the Kingdom of God on the earth. Accepting and fulfilling church callings is a wonderful way to do this. Wards and stakes simply can't function without lay participation: and in this church on the local level, all participation is lay participation. Kids need primary teachers and nursery leaders who are reliable and caring. Teens need concerned YM/YW leaders who will give direction and support.

I know that you know all this, but it really hits home as week after week bishoprics and auxiliary leaders struggle to find saints who will fulfill stewardships in the callings to which they have been set apart.

larryco_ said...

An addendum to the above: Home teaching is definitely a divine commandment. In the Oath and Covenant of the priesthood, recorded in D&C84, brethren are told to magnify their priesthood in order to receive "all that the father hath" (a mind-boggling statement given in connection to living with God in the Celestial Kingdom). In Section 20, men learn what the duties of the two priesthoods are and - repeated 3 times - is the requirement to visit the homes of the members.

Papa D said...

I agree with both of your comments, larryco. For members who have been through the temple endowment, there is a covenant to serve in the Church, and HT/VT is a specific scriptural command.

I don't like it when leaders frame every extension of every specific calling as the mind and the will of the Lord, but I do believe deeply in serving as called, except in times and situations where there are mitigating circumstances that make it best not to accept a particular calling. I believe we always need to retain the right to decline a particular calling, but if declining becomes the rule and not the true exception, I believe we miss the heart of what service in the Church really is.

larryco_ said...

"I don't like it when leaders frame every extension of every specific calling as the mind and the will of the Lord"


Anonymous said...

"Wards and stakes simply can't function without lay participation"

I'd feel more inclined to accept callings if wards weren't split merely to have more callings to give people. I want to give meaningful service, not busy work.