Friday, May 15, 2015

Our Leaders are Not Infallible, and We Don't Need to Believe They Are

I have heard too many members talk as if our prophets and apostles are infallible.  They admit imperfection when asked about it, but, in practical terms, they act as if everything our leaders say should be accepted and followed unquestioningly as if it was God's own voice - and some of them extend that down to the local level, as well.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, in our scriptures or any statement by any prophet or apostle ever recorded says that - even the ones that people often cite when making the claim.  

If people who don't believe in prophetic infallibility had to stop attending the temple, there would be relatively few people in the temples - and never any of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles or the First Presidency.  They know better than anyone else that they aren't infallible. 

Just saying.


Anonymous said...

Cool, but what happens when obedience to a local leader's requirements is made a temple worthiness issue? I think that's the sharp end of the problem.

Kevin said...

Members are all over the place in the depth of their gospel understanding. Some are still at a Primary level in their understanding of gospel principles. You can't teach a 8 yr. old that the prophet sometimes makes mistakes and that he/she will have to use the Spirit to discern. You simply teach them to always "follow the Prophet". So they grow up with an infallibility belief. And that's ok for their level of understanding. And sometimes they never understand any different, even as adults- and that's ok too. They'll get there eventually.

I've never had an experience where a local leader added his own requirements to a temple recommend or made obedience to local leaders a requirement. I don't think "obedience" to church leaders is even a question.