Thursday, July 10, 2014

We Should Never Trample upon the Feelings or Rights of Our Neighbors

"We have got to know that it is our business to learn to secure the peace and happiness of those that are around us, and never take a course to trample upon the feelings or rights of our neighbors. Let a man go and trample upon the rights of a brother and how long would it take him to destroy that feeling of confidence that had heretofore existed between them? And when once destroyed how long will it take to establish that feeling which once existed between them? It will take a great while. This is what we have to place our eye upon; in all our thinking, in all our movements and in our secret meditations we want to let our minds reflect upon the interests of all around; and to consider that they have rights and privileges as well as ourselves; we ought to have this firmly established in our minds." (Lorenzo Snow: "Teachings of the Presidents of the Church" - Priesthood Manual)


Kirsten said...

Unless they are a democrat, are gay, an illegal alien, on welfare, feel they have a right to BUY healthcare, or are concerned about gun violence. Right?

Papa D said...

Yeah, Kirsten, we have a long way to go to live up to this.

Cheryl said...

But BRAVO for those who stand up and speak out! It's the only way we'll ever get there.