Thursday, July 3, 2014

Leaders Shouldn't Manage So Much that They Forget to Minister

"I do not worry about members of the Church being unresponsive when they learn of the needy as much as I worry about our being unaware of such needs. … Please, priesthood leaders, do not get so busy trying to manage Church programs that you forget about basic duties in what the Apostle James described as ‘pure religion, undefiled’ (James 1:27)." (Spencer W. Kimball. at a seminar for Regional Representatives in 1979)

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sandy-lynne said...

As RS Pres. I tend to minister more and manage less because religion is a think of the heart, it is felt and it is lived. It's not so much about delegating and organizing as it is about those daily phone calls where needs are priorities. So I think you are spot on with this.