Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Dimensions of the Cross are Not Important

Jacob censured the "stiffnecked" Jews for "looking beyond the mark" (Jacob 4:14). We are looking beyond the mark today, for example, if we are more interested in the physical dimensions of the cross than in what Jesus achieved thereon; or when we neglect Alma's words on faith because we are too fascinated by the light-shielding hat reportedly used by Joseph Smith during some of the translating of the Book of Mormon. To neglect substance while focusing on process is another form of unsubmissively looking beyond the mark.  (Maxwell, Neal A. (1988), Not My Will, But Thine, Salt Lake City, Utah: Bookcraft, p. 26)


Jana said...

This has given me a lot to think about tonight! Thanks for sharing this one.

Anonymous said...

I think what upsets people is that they believe this information was intentionally hidden from them by omission, or misled by church approved artwork.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Ray, it's a useful corrective and articulates something that the Spirit as been trying to communicate with me for some time.