Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Resolution Post: 2014

For the last few years, I have structured my New Year's Resolutions around scriptural passages that talk about how to be more Christlike.  (If you want to review the previous posts, go to the timeline on the homepage and look up each January 1st.)  I have loved this focus and what I have learned and become (even if only a little bit more) as a result, but, as a Sunday School teacher for the past year, my Saturday posts have consisted of summaries of those lessons.  This year, I will continue to post those lesson summaries, but I am taking a different approach to my New Year's Resolution this year.  (If I stop teaching Sunday School, I will write posts each Saturday about this year's resolution.

My resolution this year is simple - not easy, but simple:

I resolve to be more active in providing real service to people who need it the most.  I resolve to step outside my mind and myself and serve the same type of people Jesus served during his ministry

The whole need not a physician, but the sick.  

I've spent too much of my life among the whole (at least, relatively whole) and not enough of my life among the obviously sick.  Granted, I've spent a ton of time working with people who are in the midst of faith crises of some kind, and I have loved doing so - but I have felt a constant and forceful pull to do more than that.  I still will use my mind to minister to others, but I need to use my hands much more, as well. 

I don't know yet exactly how that will work, since I haven't decided yet exactly who and how to do so, but I am resolved to find a way to do so. 

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Anonymous said...

Deeply inspiring, Ray.
I'm guessing that you may not need to search, that the opportunities you seek will present themselves.It's quite a challenge you're setting yourself, and I admit I've never quite had the courage.