Monday, May 27, 2013

There Really Isn't a Final Judgment, in the Classic Sense of the Term

I think there really isn't a final judgment, in the classic sense of the term, with every individual standing in front of a judge in a courtroom waiting to hear what will happen.

I think we become whoever we become and that our "judgment" (our reward or punishment) is who we are when we are done growing and progressing - and that we have time and all eternity to get there.

I understand why it's hard to preach that (given the examples of "easy grace" and "confess His name and be saved" - and how lazy people tend to get when they believe they've made it), but it certainly is taught within Mormonism - and the Plan of Salvation already has multiple "stages of development" that we teach now.

I don't believe in classic Buddhist reincarnation or multiple mortal probations, but I do accept the idea of multiple "existences / stages" throughout eternity until we all become fully "godly". That general idea exists already within Mormon theology - since I can count at least five distinct stages / physical conditions we teach regularly in the classic Plan of Salvation. 

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