Friday, May 31, 2013

"All Eternity" and "the Eternities"

Just for consideration:

If "perfect" is defined as "whole, complete, fully developed" (see the footnote in Matthew 5:48), and if reaching that condition (rather than a place) is our "destination" . . .

I like the idea that we have an indeterminate length of time (eternity) to reach that destination. In that light, I also love the idea expressed in the term "all eternity" (not just some of it but all of it). I also like the fact that we can speak of "the eternities" - even if I have no real clue exactly what that means. That one "eternity" might come to a close when I reach a certain manifestation of perfection (where I am as whole, complete and fully developed as it is possible for me to become in that "sphere") and another "eternity" might begin at that point for me (where I repeat my pursuit of perfection once more, only at a higher level of completeness) - that idea excites my mind and my heart.

I know it doesn't carry that same excitement for some others, but I absolutely love it.

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