Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Am Responsible to Build My Own Own Heaven on Earth

Our own individual lives - and our family lives - and our church lives - and our community lives - and all other aspects of our lives can be "heavenly" (or "heaven on earth") if we feel free and comfortable within each of those spheres. By "free" I don't mean sharing anything at any time, but rather able to choose freely what to do and say and be; by "comfortable" I don't mean totally at ease, but rather happy generally with one's self and one's life within the circumstances of life as they are.

In my own case, my life is heavenly in most ways. I am comfortable and feel free within my own individual life; I am comfortable and feel free within my family; I am comfortable and feel free within my church life; etc. Of course, there are things that would change in what I perceive to be the ideal, but I am comfortable and feel free from micro-managing to a large degree. 

My work life has been different at different times. It has been a much more micro-managing and more restrictive (less freeing and empowering) environment in some cases; thus, it has been less "heavenly" and more difficult. I worked on that, however - which leads to . . . 

My final point is that there are elements of micro-managing in my family and church lives. I simply have chosen to accept their existence as part of being able to be part of a family (marriage) I adore and a church in which I believe and fellow members with whom I want to be associated. I have eliminated much of the micro-management that many find in the Church simply by choosing to ignore it without making huge waves - just going about my business in the way that makes the most sense to me without challenging others about it. If someone wants me, they get me.

In other words, I have created my own heaven by building it myself. 

Once I stopped trying to rely on others to build it for me (a form of reliance on micro-managing), I was free to build it myself. So, my mansion might look quite different than many others, but I'm happy and at peace because it's mine - and because I built it among people I really do love.

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