Monday, April 29, 2013

Heaven Is Not a Place or Destination

One of the things about the concept of eternity in Mormonism that is radically different than any other Christian theology - and is one of my favorite aspects, frankly - is the idea that "there must needs be opposition in ALL things".

I know that can be discouraging to some people who just want to rest from all their cares and troubles, but I just can't accept eternal laziness with no opposition or personal growth and effort. (the sitting around on a cloud forever playing a harp and telling GOD how wonderful he is - pardon the snark, but I just don't like that image) To me, that would be Hell. Thus, I believe we become "heavenly" by being able to create "an internal heaven" no matter our external circumstances. Iow, we become Celestial Beings - to put it into more traditional Mormon verbiage. Ioow (in other, other words - *grin*), "heaven" is not a place or destination; it's a condition - just like "God" is not a person or Being; it's a condition.

Please, nobody take that as a beating stick to add guilt if you aren't heavenly inside. I don't mean that at all. I just believe it can be an empowering goal and process - as long as it's understood upfront that not being there is FINE. Again, it's the effort and the journey, not the current situation.

It's much like the Elizabeth Edwards quote I posted recently, which I would recommend reading if you haven't already.

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