Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Loving Others with Whom I Disagree Is a Great Lesson for My Children about How I Love Them

I am convinced - absolutely convinced - that there is nowhere I can go and/or worship where everything taught by everyone in every position of authority will match what I believe personally. Therefore, no matter where I might choose to worship there would be times when I would feel the need to talk with my kids about what they've heard at church - to give them my own perspective, while trying to do so in a loving, accepting, non-condemning way.

I have that experience relatively often, but it generally is about the minutiae - the details - the cultural crap. My kids know when I don't agree with what someone says, but they also know I love, sustain, support and serve the person who says it. They also know I don't obsess over what is said, although I do correct occasionally if I feel like it's necessary.

I've learned over the years to chill more often now than I did in the past, and it has let me have WONDERFUL discussions with my children. It also has taught them that they don't have to agree with me to get my love, sustaining, support and service - and that is an important lesson, in my opinion.


Mississauga Church said...

I never felt my mother's love because he abandoned us but maybe there's a purpose of it. But I still thank God because even my mother didn't gave to us the love that we need from her, she still my mother and I love her. Even I'm a little bit bitter, but I still love her.

Mama D said...

You do this better than anyone I know. Your children and I are the beneficiaries of such a gift!