Monday, October 8, 2012

Many Global Issues Really Are Local Issues

I think it’s instructive how many people equate their own local experience(s) with “The Church”.

Those whose local units are wonderful, warm, spiritual places often have a hard time understanding those who leave, while those who live in areas with major problems of various kinds (or one overwhelming problem) often struggle to understand those who stay – since both often project their experiences as representative of “The Church”. 

We really do have two distinct churches within the LDS Church – the global one and the local one.

I dare say more people leave because of the local one than the global one – and I dare say many of the things that many members see as global issues really are examples of the global water not getting to the end of the local row.

Of course, there are global leadership issues that cause some to leave – but a local ward, branch and/or stake that functions like it’s supposed to function often is one of the prime reasons why many people stay, even when there are some "big issues" with which they struggle.

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Patty said...

This is so true. Staying faithful is easy when you belong to a good ward, and becomes a struggle when you move to one that has those "local issues." I'm experiencing that right now, and sometimes have to remind myself that the global stuff is true and right, even if it's not being administered quite the way I'm used to on a local level. Maybe that's why I loved all the talks about real conversion this past weekend. It has to be more than just a belief, it has to involve a commitment.