Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Perpetuating "Underground Doctrines"

Underground Doctrines - Ardis Parshall (Keepapitchinin') 

I don't agree fully with everything Ardis says in this post, but I think the central issue she raises (Why do we feel the need to create and perpetuate "underground doctrines"?) is a very important one about which everyone should think.  My own comments are #3 & #4 (really, one comment split into two, since I hit the submit button too quickly on the first one). 

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Anonymous said...

I think our desire to talk about bordeline doctrine is why we spent two years in the Gospel Principles manual. I think church leaders want us, to a large degree, to worry about basic doctrine as opposed to the periphery. I like open discussion of speculative things. It's fun to read old quotes from early church leaders and some of the stuff does make sense. But the only things I really need to worry about are the things the First Presidency and Q12have to say. We have a brother in the ward who believes everything written 150 years ago is doctrine. We regularly have to steer him back into the 21st century in SS and PH.