Monday, January 30, 2012

Remebering the One Bad Over the Seven Good: or, Impeding Practical Charity

In psychology, an accepted truism is that it takes only one bad experience to outweigh about seven good experiences in the typical human memory. It's important to keep that in mind - that I, you, a bishop, a RS Pres, a Prophet, an apostle, whoever might make only one "mistake" in every eight things s/he does and says, but it is that one mistake that tends to be remembered as the example of the person or organization.

In my experiences, there aren't very many people who make only one mistake every eight things they say or do. I know I say things not quite the way I wish I would have more often than that. All I can do is hope that others are charitable and try to understand my heart - and make sure I offer that same attitude to others. It's the only way to lasting happiness I have found - real charity, not the mutated type that most people understand.


Anonymous said...

Oh how timely this is for me. I need it on a fridge magnet...and a phylactery.

Stephen said...

Really well said.