Friday, January 20, 2012

How I Now Approach the Temple Endowment

I've gone to the temple and experienced the endowment enough that I rarely pay close attention anymore to the words. Rather, I wait for a thought to strike me and then contemplate it for as long as it takes to feel satisfied. I then repeat that until the time runs out.

I've had some AMAZING experiences in the temple, but most of them have come from letting the communal ceremony happen around me and letting my own thoughts "be still" and contemplate the whisperings of the Spirit to ME as an individual. My body is there, symbolically with the group, but my mind is wandering the heavens, if you will.

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Paul said...

This is a really interesting though, Papa D. Sadly, I find that often I sleep through at least part of the session (not sure that's the way I'm supposed to "be still and know that" He is God...).

But I may try your method tomorrow.