Friday, November 25, 2011

I Am Sincere and Loving and Kind - and Stupid and Clumsy and Wrong

I've said often that I try to see others from the past the same way I hope people in the future see me - stupid and clumsy and wrong oh so many times, but sincere and loving and kind and trying my best.

I really do think that describes the VAST majority of people, and I'd rather be wrong with this view about individuals than be wrong with a more condemning view - since it really isn't about them in the end but rather about how my perspective affects who I become.

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Matthew said...

It'S funny that I was thinking this exact same thing a couple of weeks ago. The people in my life who come across as overbearing, judgemental and condescending also provide much needed service and give generous gifts.

It was a real paradigm shift for me to realize the implications of the fact that we fail frequently at doing good. I have found it to be very powerful to look for positive motivations in what people do, because it makes it easier to overlook some of the awkwardness of their attempts, and easier to stop assuming negative motivations. Doing this has made me feel more grateful and appreciative towards the people in my life.