Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Am I Accomplishing My Mission in Writing This Blog?

I don't actively publicize my blog much - except when I provide a link on another site to something I've written here.  I could spend more time in efforts to expand my readership, but I spend as much time as I am able in good conscience already - and I never have felt the need to market it more vigorously.  However, I have wondered occasionally who reads it of whom I'm not aware and how they find it - specifically because I wonder sometimes if I am accomplishing the mission I set for myself when I started writing actively back in 2007.  

By Common Consent has a series of posts that list search phrases people use that end up pointing them to that site.  It's quite hilarious in some instances, and one of those posts was published recently, so I decided to take a look at what brings people here who don't know about my blog.  I assumed there wouldn't be any truly hilarious cases, but I figured I at least should check and see what appeared in my queue for the last 24 hours.  The following is what I found, along with my commentary:

"becoming a more forgiving person" 

(Cool.  I like that one - a lot.  It was a post from March 2009.)

"how to teach forgiving others in a sensitive way" 

(This search led to the same post as the search above.)

"tongue can be sharp sword" 

(I couldn't remember which post that would have been, so I checked.  It was a post I wrote almost 3 years ago.  Wow!) 

"Mormonism and reincarnation" 

(This one was from March of this year.)

"What is the difference between sin and transgression?" 

(This query is the most common I have seen over the years.  That is fascinating to me - and it is something I would not have guessed when I began blogging.) 

"to be less envious" 

(This one is from June of this year.)

"What is the meaning of vaunteth?" 

(This one is from March 2010.)

I know there is nothing profound or funny in this list, but I was struck by two things:

1) When I write something here, it is accessible for years to come - and, assuming nothing happens to alter that situation, I am achieving my primary objective in writing this blog.  My descendants (and others) will have a record of my beliefs - a spiritual journal, if you will - when I am gone.

2) People whom I don't know are being led to my writings - and, while I don't have any idea if that is a net positive for any of them, I hope it is. 

Those are the two main reasons I write daily posts - to record "the things of my soul" for my children and their children ad infinitum and to leave my own testimony, in a way, for others to read and, hopefully, find comfort and some measure of help and support.

It isn't much, but, especially, in the case of those I don't know, it constitutes "all (I) can do".


Darrell said...

Your blog is my #1 go to site for LDS content and commentary. I find that my views and yours align very well. I love your insights.

Kellie, said...

I don't remember how I found your blog, but I read everyday. I appreciate how you can articulate without being combative.

Mama D said...

Ray, just two comments so far, and it's obvious you are accomplishing your blogging mission. I suspect you touch more hearts than you realize. That isn't why you write, but you have a gift. I am grateful that you share "the things of your soul."

ji said...

The greatest thing in my mind concerning your efforts is that you are trying to build faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. That's wonderful; that's good; that's right.

And, you allow that each of us are on our own journey and we each can see things from our own perspective, and the details of what we see might change from time to time, and that's okay, but the bottom line is faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.


Richard Alger said...

"Your blog is my #1 go to site for LDS content and commentary. I find that my views and yours align very well. I love your insights.", Darrell


I have some similar goals for my blog you have stated. I am persistently amazed at how doggedly you maintain your posting schedule. I am equally astonished at the level of understanding, and true discipleship of Jesus I see in you. Somehow you maintain a solid center while having extended exchanges with people with serious challenges to the LDS faith. It is something I work on to grow in myself.

Matthew said...

I can't say that I aspire to anything as noble as you do, Ray, but I so appreciate you sharing your thoughts - I have learned much and been much comforted by what you have said, and I have been able to pass on much of that to others, who have been comforted in their suffering.

In any case, I think that the ripples of what you do here spread quite far indeed - God bless you for your labors.

Papa D said...

Thank you, everyone. Your comments mean a lot to me.

Shawna said...

I usually spend my Sunday afternoons catching up on your last week's worth of posts. I really enjoy hearing your thoughts about various gospel subjects. I can tell you are a person who ponders deeply and truly loves their neighbour. I came across your blog over a year ago when I read your comments on another website (FMH?) and have since shared it with some of my other family members as well. Thanks for taking the time to blog!