Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why Can't Sister Missionaries Serve in Leadership Positions?

Female Leadership in LDS Missions - Aaron R. (By Common Consent) 

As is the case in many comment threads, not all of the comments in this thread are worth reading - but some are insightful.  Read the comment thread or not, but I think the central question of the post and the way it is structured are worth reading and considering.  I've had the same general thought as I've served in missionary leadership positions in my life. 


Sabrina said...

This was an interesting read. Having served as a sister missionary, I never even gave a thought to it. In fact, I am puzzled so many people get in a tizzy about leadership positions and who gets them, who can have them, etc. Having served in a few auxiliary presidencies, I don't know why anyone aspires to leadership positions. Mostly, it means more meetings and administrative gobbledy gook that gets in the way of having time to truly minister. I wouldn't have wanted to have a leadership position on my mission. It would have just been extra work I didn't want to do.

I think the main part of our church culture that needs to be addressed is this idea that because someone has a leadership position in the church they are some how more important or righteous than the rest. I think that is what brings in all those pride issues that cause unrighteous dominion and envying of others' callings.

Papa D said...

Your feelings, Sabrina, are one of the reasons I like posts like this - as an opportunity to hear multiple perspectives.

I know LOTS of women who feel exactly like you do - and I also know LOTS of women who look at the recent change from PEC being the primary council in the local units to having Ward Council take that role, for example, and say, "Why can't missions be more like that, with men and women both serving in leadership roles within a council?" I like to listen to and read these types of viewpoints, since it gives me a chance to think more deeply about them.

Frankly, I also am concerned about the emphasis many members place on leadership as a sign or worthiness or righteousness. That is a very real issue, imo, and it needs to be recognized. It isn't the primary thing I emphasize in a post like this, but it absolutely is an important aspect.

Anonymous said...

I was told when I was younger that boys go on a mission to become adult so they go 2 years. Girls go to preach the gospel so a year and a half is enough.

My mission taught me that I DO NOT want the priesthood here on Earth thank you very much and I agree with you. I deeply believe that part of the fight over leadership positions and priesthood tantrums (sorry this is what it is for me) comes from a false vision of what it means and what it is. Leadership position to me were never meant to be worthiness marks. Only human beings would think this way.