Friday, July 22, 2011

This is My Church.

My father said something once when I was very young that burned into my soul:

This is my church. Nobody and nothing can take it away from me. It's mine.

He was not an educated man by any stretch of the imagination, but he was a very wise, good man.

I only will add one thing:

Nobody can take away my personal understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and what I call "pure Mormonism". It grows and changes as I learn and receive increased light and knowledge, but it is mine.

I hope this blog strengthens those feelings in all who participate here, even as I address some difficult issues with which not everyone will agree.


Anonymous said...

I used to believe the same as your father. But sometimes the corporate nature of the church organization and the dominant church culture so beats you down and wears you out that it is hard to still call it 'my church' with any enthusiasm. It has become something unrecognizable.

However, your quote about my knowledge of the Gospel is dead on.

Matthew said...

Totally agree, Ray, although I do understand the difficulties you speak of, Anonymous. For me, I try to focus more on the principles and doctrines of the Restoration far more than the temporal organization that is the church.

Mormonism informs my whole world view, and no one can take that away from me.

Your blog is a touchstone for me, Ray - one of the ways I keep the thread of the gospel running through my days. I do appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us all. :D

Papa D said...

Anonymous, I reference Elder Wirthlin's "Concern for the One" a lot, and one of the reasons is because he mentioned "those who are tired" as one of the groups that ends up leaving active participation in the Church. I am encouraged by the recent CHI training where Pres. Packer said unequivocally that the Church is meant to serve the members - NOT the members are meant to staff the Church. It also was stressed that if a couple has young children, especially, both spouses should NOT have time-consuming callings.

Getting that water to the end of the row, so to speak, so local leaders actually follow that counsel "in the trenches" . . . That is a real and serious issue - but, at least, I believe the global leadership is aware of and concerend about it.

Thanks, Matthew. That means a lot to me.