Friday, September 24, 2010

A Few Reflections on My Participation in the Bloggernacle

1) What is the most important thing/lesson you have learned from your participation in the Bloggernacle?

That my wicked sense of humor doesn't translate very well sometimes in print. Seriously, I almost blew it when I first started blogging in the 'Nacle. I jumped into some banter going on over at BCC among people who knew each other from years of blogging and started to throw my own humorous barbs into the mix. Problem was, nobody knew me - so I ended up offending a few people who couldn't see my smile. I also didn't realize how some of my comments came across, and I am grateful to Steve Evans for pointing it out to me. It changed the way that I express my humor - and helped me begin to eliminate sarcasm from much of my non-blogging communications, as well.

2) On the whole, has it been a positive or a negative experience for your spirituality?

I'm not sure it has had a direct impact on me spiritually, but it certainly has brought friendships that I cherish. It also has brought fascinating insights from multiple perspectives, and I also cherish that. It has not hurt me spiritually; that's for sure.

3) How has your involvement altered, if it has, your view of Mormonism and other Mormons?

It hasn't altered my view, but it has broadened my understanding - and that's a wonderful thing to me.

Obviously, given how much I have commented around the Bloggernacle since I began, I must enjoy it. *grin* I have had to cut back a bit on my commenting in the past couple of years, for a number of reasons, but I do it because I love the people I have met and the discussions we have.


Richard Alger said...

I have enjoyed your posts and your comments. Refreshing and eye opening.

It amazes me how consistently you post.

Papa D said...

Thanks, Rich. One weakness I don't have is the love of speaking, and this blog is just a way to speak. LOL

I asked Ardis Parshall a while ago for advice about the direction I wanted to take this blog, and she told me to stop writing such long posts (as you will understand if you go back to the first posts) and focus on trying to distill my thoughts into shorter posts that would be less daunting to those who read them. It was wonderful advice and allowed me to post regularly - although it is harder to write my weekend resolution posts when I am in the middle of my travel weeks.

This is my journal in a very real way, since I just don't care about recording the details of my days - and that also makes it easier for me to post regularly.

Tracy M said...

I always love it when I see your name on a comment thread... :)