Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Few Principles That Govern My Religious Life

I have a few core principles that govern how I approach my religious life:

1) Do everything I can to develop the characteristics of godliness outlined in the Sermon on the Mount and other scriptural passages.

2) Develop true charity - not "just" some ambiguous "pure love of Christ", but rather a true understanding of others’ inherent worth and having genuine compassion toward them - truly treating them as fellow children of God regardless of their beliefs and personal quirks or weaknesses.

3) Do whatever I can to share of my all with others, especially those who need it most. That centers on eliminating "excess" - getting rid of debt so I can share of my financial means, simplifying my commitments so I can share of my time, finding emotional balance so I can share of my spirit, maintaining some semblance of physical health so I can share of my energy, etc.

4) Serve within the Church in some capacity (and elsewhere as I can). I don't care where, just that I serve somewhere, somehow.

Fwiw, I believe the biggest fallacy to which many have succumbed might be that we can have it all - and that it's OK to pursue it all. Often our efforts to obtain ALL leaves us unable to do the BEST - and, most critically, keeps us from doing fully what only we can do.

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Anonymous said...

I like this core you have. I feel similarly.

Lately, I've been drawn by faith, hope, and charity - especially charity - which seems to be at the core of all four points you mentioned.

And I agree - more than the "charity" we often mention, but I want to develop more. I want to develop a godly love, where I really begin to see others the way God sees them and love them similarly.

Anyways - inspiring post. Thanks.