Thursday, August 5, 2010

Soldiers and the Sacrament

Going to Church in Iraq - Kevin Barney, for Eric Russell (By Common Consent)


Bethany said...

Cool! My husband is in Afghanistan on a base in the middle of nowhere and is the Group Leader for four or five guys there. They have their meetings in his tiny office. He was interviewed for the calling through email which I thought was pretty funny. Who knew you could give callings online? :) I had been worried that he was just going to have to forego the sacrament for his whole deployment, but they found him. Thanks for linking to this, I hadn't seen it before. He was in Iraq three years ago and the set up was probably similar to this one.

Papa D said...

God bless him, Bethany. If you check in again, you might be interested in the following link my wife forwarded to me today: