Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Incorrect Assumptions of Arrogance

There is a fine line between arrogance or smugness and simply answering the best one can based on one’s study, prayer and contemplation. That is much harder to discern in print than in person, since there is no vocal tone to weigh; it’s much easier to discern in person than in print, especially for those who know the person making the statement.

Arrogance is easy to assume when reading comments, even when there is no arrogance in the heart of the commenter. Many of the comments in the Bloggernacle, for example, that appear to convey arrogance or smugness would not cause any ripples whatsoever if they were made in person to those who know the commenters.


funnysoprano said...

Yeah, there is a particular thread on fMh that has totally deteriorated into bickering. I wonder what would have happened if everyone was talking face to face. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Yep.i think Ray was a moderating influence,in more ways than one.

Having said that,I guess online people say are more inclined to say what they think,including attacking others for their thoughts.sometimes it seems to me I'm seeing what people actually think,but out loud rather than kept to themselves.Just goes to show how important self control in our relationships can be.I think we/me often forget that we can choose to creatively sublimate our thoughts and feelings for the good of those we love.

funnysoprano said...

In our daily relationships, we're able to remind ourselves that love the person we are debating with, and we can focus more on the topic than mudslinging.