Friday, July 2, 2010

Honoring (Non-LDS) Parents of LDS Youth

Fatherhood and motherhood need to be honored regardless of church affiliation or activity. One of the best Father's Day talks I have ever heard is the one that mentioned that we need to honor the fathers of our YM and YW (particularly) who are NOT members - or active members. We need to involve them, to whatever extent they will allow, in the discussions we have about how to help their children. I can't count how many times I've made that point in council meetings when someone says, "How can we help Johnny?" My response is almost always, "What did his father and/or mother say?"

By extension, we also should honor our own fathers in the same way - even if they were lousy fathers in most ways, and even if we are positive we will end up discarding their advice. We still should honor them as our parents who at least have the right to provide input.


Anonymous said...

This is so true and very important to remember the church is to strengthen families, not compete with them. Even within the same religion, well-meaning youth leaders that offer to have the youth come and talk to them if they have problems at home have to be careful they are not crossing the line and not showing support to parents. It should not be a competition.

lazysloth said...

Not just with parents too. About 10 years ago we had HTs who did everything through my non-member husband - and for him, it became one of his few postive experiences with our church. I have suggested it with every HT we have had since, but no-one has taken me up on it, preferring to meet with me and the kids at church instead.