Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our Children Need the Holy Ghost Desperately

I have a friend who questioned whether or not his daughter possibly could understand baptism well enough at age eight to make an informed choice. The following was my response to him:

"In this day and age, young girls need the gift of the Holy Ghost desperately, and they need it at an earlier age every decade I've lived. That doesn't address an exact age, but if you postpone it too long out of your own insecurities or concerns, you will be handicapping her in a very real way."

"Teach her why baptism is important symbolically; teach her the covenants she will be making at baptism; teach her the reality of the gift of the Holy Ghost; teach her that you will respect her agency and intelligence and desire; don't project your own concerns on her if she doesn't share them. Whatever she decides, even if you feel it is not entirely her choice, honor her by honoring her decision. Be her father."

"I have no right to tell you what you should do with your daughter. That's between you, your wife and your daughter. I simply repeat:

One of the truest gifts anyone in the church can have is the gift of the Holy Ghost and an upbringing that will help her or him understand its reality."

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