Friday, June 18, 2010

Gender Roles As Mortal Compromise

Any woman who has been through the temple and remains true to the covenants she accepts therein is clothed in the priesthood throughout the rest of her life.

Also, that happens prior to what we commonly term "the endowment". Thus, only those who "accept and receive the Priesthood" can be endowed with the understanding and power of God. Phrased a bit differently, it would be accurate to say that all those who accept and receive the Priesthood in this manner can be endowed thusly.

The Church in the fullness of its own ideal world is not sexist.

The relationship between Adam and Eve prior to the Fall is one of complete equality; the difference after the Fall is a compromise adapted to the lone and dreary world. The woman was given the primary responsibility to oversee the fulfillment of the first commandment in a way that would bring glory to God (nurturing the children they would bear); the man was given the primary responsibility to make sure that could happen (protecting and providing for his wife and children).

The temple recognizes the mortal compromise in what it asks of women (what is required of them to live in the lone and dreary world and multiply), but it is critical to realize that it is phrased in exactly that way - asking those who are equal up to that point (and in the temple) to accept a "role" when they "enter" (and return to) the lone and dreary world - when they leave their "symbolic immortality" and return to their everyday "mortality". The promise is that such a compromise will not last forever - that once they leave mortality the original relationship will be restored and they will live together as Kings and Queens, Priests and Priestesses - united equally as one.


SilverRain said...

Ray, one of these days I need to meet you and your wife in the Celestial room and have a good, long chat. :D

Papa D said...

I would love that, SR!

Mama D said...

I would, too! How do we make that happen?

SilverRain said...

Aren't you two still in the midwest somewhere?

Firebyrd said...

Thank you for this, Ray. I remember angsting over not having the priesthood when I was a teenager, but as soon as I went through the temple, that stopped. You explain it so much better than I'm able to, though!

Papa D said...

SR, yes. Send me an email at the address at the bottom of my blog in the "Rules" section. It can be hard to see if it's in the white part.

Thank you, Firebyrd. I am happy that the Proclamation to the World actually moves the standard for the world closer to the temple ideal in the paragraph that talks of responsibilities (not "roles"). I'll probably do another post about that at some point.