Monday, April 5, 2010

Sometimes Religious Similarities are Surprising

I believe we will be judged on how well we live the teachings of Jesus, NOT by how well we articulate them or the nuances of our intellectualization of them. That is, imo, the underlying foundation of Mormon theology - that we will be rewarded by what we become.

That belief is true of most other Christians, as well; we just phrase the belief differently. We speak of agency and choice and accountability, all built on the foundation of assumed and often unarticulated grace; "they" speak of election and the in-dwelling of the Spirit, etc. - all built on the foundation of assumed and always articulated grace. The difference is that, ultimately, we allow for different expressions of belief to lead to the type of "becoming" that leads to exaltation; many Christians equate different expressions with non-saving, dead works that, therefore, lead to damnation.

If there were a translator attached to our utterances that changed our words into what others would say if they meant the same thing, I think it would astound both sides how much we would agree with each other.

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