Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Intelligence Means Getting Stuck in More Remote Locations

I the Lord thy God - Adam Greenwood (Times & Seasons)

Bonus quote from my friend, Bruce Webster, in comment #36:

Many years ago, I was visiting Utah and attended church in Orem with a family I knew. For priesthood, I attended the high priests group with the husband, who was a BYU professor with a PhD from Harvard (as he was fond of reminding people). After priesthood and as we were leaving the chapel, he said something to this effect: “You know, I looked around the men in the high priests group, and the differences were quite striking. I mean, you have men who are 3rd and 4th generation farmers, with just a high school education, and then you have men like me and [named a few others], who have PhDs and are college professors. I just marvel that the same Church is able to encompass both types.”

To which I replied, “Maybe from where the Lord sits, there really isn’t much difference."

[Bruce's blog is "Adventures in Mormonism".]


Stephen said...

That is really true, I wonder if he realized that the truth had been spoken.

Anonymous said...

Been thinking about this.

All the stuff that we think makes us of value.I've had some extraordinary experiences with people that might be seen as lacking from another point of view.

'The Lord looketh on the heart'