Monday, February 22, 2010

The Power of Worshipful Communion

We talk about individual conversion, but interestingly, the single best indicator of future baptism that has been identified in our stake is Sacrament Meeting attendance. It isn't referral source or "strong witness of the Book of Mormon" or answer to prayer - but Sacrament Meeting attendance. I think there is an entire week's worth of discussion on that one, but I simply will point out the communal spirit that hopefully attends that meeting. Each person must receive her own individual witness or feel his own individual desire to believe, but the one unifying thing many can share is the communal spirit that should fill our worship service.

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Paul said...

People who visit a gym frequently are also more likely to join the gym than people who don't visit as frequently. Frequent church attendance, before or after baptism, implies a level of social comfort and a feeling of fitting in. We are social animals, and the Church is ultimately a social club, so it stands to reason that with or without a personal witness, feeling like you fit in someplace is the strongest indicator of your ability to stay there.