Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hearing Without Doing Is Dead, Being Alone

Regarding activities and time constraints: We are members of two very distinct churches - the global one led by the prophets and apostles (to which we "belong") and the local one led by the bishops and stake presidents (which we “attend” and in which we “live”). That means that there can be and too often is a discrepancy between what is taught at the global level and what is practiced at the local level. Often, we don't recognize that distinction, and we end up frustrated with SLC when the cause of our frustration is local.

Just two quick examples:

A few years ago, I was released from the Bishopric because my wife was being called as the YW President. We had 6 kids still at home, and the youngest wasn't in school yet. Our Bishop was dedicated to the counsel from SLC to not overburden families with small children, so I was released and called into the Primary.

Over the last year, especially, our Stake President has encouraged all the stake leaders to conduct as much business as possible over the phone and via e-mail - specifically to reduce the time parents and spouses are away from each other. He also has directed leaders to keep meetings as short as possible when they need to be held - for the same reason.

Often "The Church" isn't the issue; it's translating what The Church teaches and says to the local level for the church we actually attend. The over-abundance of meetings and over-burdening of families is a great example, as I live in a ward and stake that has taken very seriously the admonitions that have come from SLC regarding this matter. I have a deep appreciation for what The Church is doing in this regard, while I hear complaints often from others whose local leaders are not working as hard to reduce their members' time burden. Often, these members mistakenly blame "The Church" and don't realize that "The Church" is very aware of their difficulties and is trying actively to change and address them.


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Wonderful to know-just wish your guys would speak to our guys.

Our children's childhood disappeared whilst DH was exorted to 'magnify' his callings.I was seen as less than on message for making our needs known and this caused tension in our marriage.DH only ever wanted to do what was right.

At one point we had a severely long term sick child who was bed bound,a teen who was liable to dissappear from either church or hoem if we weren't vigilant,and an distressed toddler who we were trying to settle in nursery.So three parents needed there.DH was called to the High Council.When he asked for some time to get the little one settled our recommends were withdrawn.SP counselled him to "walk into the dark'.All this after we had had talks in general conf re such demands.Eventually I spoke to a friend on the SP-and put him in a dreadfully difficult position.Although I'm really not sure if we would have recommends today had I not done so.